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6 Ways a Food GPO Can Boost Your Restaurant Performance

6 ways a GPO can hlep Restaurants

May 24, 2024

Running a restaurant isn’t easy. Rising food costs, labor shortages, fierce competition, and changing customer preferences are just a few of the challenges you face daily.

As the world’s largest food GPO, Entegra leverages its $36 billion in purchasing power to negotiate cost savings on nearly everything you need to run your business.

But Entegra is more than just a GPO. Entegra is a full-service solution provider that helps you go beyond purchasing. Here are six surprising ways Entegra can improve your restaurant’s performance.

1. Culinary Support

Enhancing your menu, stretching ingredients across dayparts, and cutting food waste are crucial for success. Entegra's culinary support services at the Entegra Performance Kitchen can help you create and execute a winning menu strategy. Services include:

  • Menu cost analysis to optimize food costs and margins.
  • Operations evaluations to improve kitchen efficiency and productivity.
  • Time and motion studies to streamline workflows and processes.
  • Videography/photography to showcase your dishes and attract more customers.
  • Recipe development and testing for innovative new menu items.
  • Menu engineering and design to optimize layout, presentation, and profitability.

2. Custom Contracting and Local Sourcing

Sourcing customized or unique food and supplies can set your restaurant apart. Entegra’s supply team will negotiate the best deals, even if there's no existing contract. They can also help you source local specialties, such as Jersey tomatoes, Georgia peaches, or New York bagels. Services include:

  • Identifying and evaluating suppliers.
  • Negotiating lower prices and favorable terms.
  • Managing and monitoring custom contracts and supplier performance.
  • Ensuring quality, consistency, and availability of custom products.

3. Training and Workforce Support

Addressing labor challenges requires creative solutions. Entegra offers a range of support, including:

  • ServSafe training and certification for food safety and sanitation.
  • In-house culinary support from Entegra’s chefs, dietitians, and foodservice experts.
  • Temporary labor through competitive contracts with staffing agencies.
  • Online culinary learning and development resources for staff training.
  • Strategies for employee engagement, retention, and recognition.

4. Data and Analytics

Entegra’s PurchasingIQ platform supports your procurement process with:

  • One-click access to over 1,500 Entegra suppliers.
  • Detailed spending insights by location and SKU.
  • Optimization of savings with Entegra-contracted product matches.
  • Distributor pricing discrepancy identification with Contract Auditor.

5. Energy Management

Energy costs are a significant expense. Entegra’s Energy Management Services can help you:

  • Analyze and identify opportunities for energy savings.
  • Implement energy-efficient equipment, lighting, HVAC, and refrigeration systems.
  • Monitor and optimize energy performance with smart meters and dashboards.
  • Access rebates, incentives, and financing for energy-saving projects.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and environmental impact.

6. CSR Support and Waste Management

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is important for your business and the planet. Entegra can help you:

  • Reduce food waste.
  • Source products from diverse businesses, including minority-owned, women-owned, and veteran-owned suppliers.
  • Develop plant-forward menus.
  • Track and verify the origin, quality, and safety of your food products.
  • Source sustainable packaging and eco-certified, organic ingredients.

Entegra is more than a GPO; we’re your business improvement partner. Whether you need help with energy management, CSR support, culinary support, custom contracting, or training/workforce support, Entegra has the cost-saving and operational solutions to maximize your restaurant’s profitability.

Contact us to learn how Entegra’s purchasing power and business performance improvement solutions can work for you.


May 24, 2024

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